This is going to be my first year at Coachella, so I can't yet compare it with Roo. But I love Bonnaroo! NTellier85 is right. There is always new artwork every year. Dust last year really was nonexistent. They planted a lot more trees and put down a ton of grass. There was definitely a huge difference between 2012 & 2011. The dust in '11 was hideous. But so what? I almost feel like the more miserable it is, the more cool the crowd gets. Probably sounds stupid but that's how it seems to me. Very few people were bummed out about the dust enough to let it ruin their weekend. Also, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Pretty much its 4 days of music that starts before noon and ends at like dawn. And you can bring in your own food and water. There's a connection you feel to everyone else there, that I really hope isn't exclusive to just Roo. Hope Coachella will have a similar feel. Guess I'll find out in a few weeks. Really excited about finally getting to go to Coachella. But I'm excited about going to Bonnaroo again this year too!