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Thread: Roger Waters The Wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by suprefan View Post
    I'll bet you a frozen lemonade youre dead wrong about this. If you have enough confidence, bring it.
    You're on. Now how do we prove whether or not my speculation is genuine or not since all I did was ask for it in the WISH LIST section of all places. I DIDN'T SAY IT WAS FUCKING HAPPENING YOU ILLITERATE DOUCHE!

    I'll be waiting over here for my frozen lemonade.

    Whoever mentioned intermission. Roger Waters played Coachella in 2008, he had an intermission.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anonimouse View Post
    i'll take a full performance* of meddle over the wall any day

    *by a time machined circa '73 floyd of course. no interest in seeing old man gilmour wank it up in his T-shirt tucked into his dockers. especially now that richard is gone, a full reunion would be an insult at this point (not that i'd ever expect/want one)
    Hmm we disagree then, I saw DG on the On an Island tour and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. (Wright had a lot to do with that. RIP... so sad)

    DG playing Floyd > Waters

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    Default Re: Roger Waters The Wall

    Saw the Floyd in Berlin in '94 on the division bell tour - well pleased
    Hoped there would be some sort of reunion around the millennium - not well pleased
    Live 8 - well pleased
    Rick died - not well pleased
    Two tickets today for Roger, 'The Wall - Live' at Wembley next September - well pleased
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