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Thread: Roskilde 2013

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    Chase and Status, Kenton Slash Demon and Om Unit was added today.

    Dubioza Kolektiv and Voodoo Glow Skulls was announced a few days ago, they will perform at the Arena closing party.

    Then there is 10 more adds left to be announced.

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    Kris Kristofferson is added today.

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    Hey Bongo, I have a question regarding the Roskilde message boards. Is there an option to send or receive PMs? If there is where is that feature? I am trying to sell Salah and my ticket and the forum won't let me post my e-mail address. I've got one person interested in one ticket but how can I do any sort of exchange without offering my e-mail?

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    The rules says this

    3. All deals must be made at the forum. That mean we don’t allow posts like:
    “I got a ticket for sale mail me at
    The price must be typed in the post, and agree with the buyer in the post, and then exchange contact information. Same goes if you are asking for a ticket.

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    I got that far. what im asking is how do I give my paypal info if i cant put my email address down?

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    Ohh I see, sorry but then i don┤t know the answer.
    But try to ask the admin (Martin Horn Pedersen) for help.

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    New Yorker here
    Any aussies / brits or americans going to Roskilde this year?

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    There seem┤s to be some Aussies, Kiwi┤s, british, Irish, american and even canadian people coming to Roskilde every year so I┤m thinking it will be the same this year.

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    Hey bongo, does it matter what name is on the ticket? I think I found someone to buy mine but I don't want to sell him a ticket that won't work if it is registered to my name. Thanks.

    April 24 - Queens of the Stone Age
    April 26-28 - Levitation

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    Post Re: Roskilde 2013

    If any of you are looking to sell a ticket to Roskilde 2013, I might be interested depending on the cost .I am trying to work a way to Denmark in June and need a good price on a ticket. Located in California if that is beneficial. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    Hey bongo, does it matter what name is on the ticket? I think I found someone to buy mine but I don't want to sell him a ticket that won't work if it is registered to my name. Thanks.
    The name doesn't matter so no worries there.

    I took a volunteer job this year but else I would have purchased your ticket.
    I am going to sell tickets for the train shuttle so luckily I got half of my hours before the festival starts and only missing out on Thursday evening.

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013


    Metallica just got added and it's exclusive for Europe.

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    Fuckin LUCKY!
    Upcoming Shows:
    Fever Ray: 5/18 @ Metro
    Radiohead: 7/07 @ United Center
    Smashing Pumpkins: 8/19 @ Xcel Energy Center
    Metallica: 9/02 @ Kohl Center
    Metallica: 9/04 @ Target Center
    Metallica: 9/08 @ Alerus Center
    Riot Fest: 9/14-16 @ Douglas Park
    Metallica: 10/16 @ Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center
    Metallica: 3/09 @ KFC Yum! Center

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    Goddammit! I literally sold my ticket yesterday. Fuck.

    April 24 - Queens of the Stone Age
    April 26-28 - Levitation

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    Line Up is ready

    Orange Stage

    18:00 Vinnie Who
    22:00 Slipknot
    01:00 Ingrid feat. Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Peter Bj÷rn and John, Coco, J. ┼hlund and guests

    17:00 Turbonegro
    19:30 Bobby Womack
    22:30 Rihanna
    01:00 Volbeat

    17:00 Kris Kristofferson
    19:30 The National
    22:30 Metallica
    02:00 Chase and Status

    14:30 James Blake
    16:45 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    19:00 Queens Of The Stoneage
    22:00 Kraftwerk

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    Arena Stage

    18:00 Suicidal Tendencies
    20:30 Kendrick Lamar
    22:30 Animal Collective

    13:30 Marie Key
    15:30 Dead Can Dance
    18:30 Of Monsters And Men
    20:30 Den Sorte Skole
    23:00 Kreator
    01:30 Crystal Castles

    14:00 Hatebreed
    16:00 Efterklang
    18:00 Iceage
    20:30 Kvelertak
    23:30 Sigur Rˇs
    02:30 When Saints Go Machine

    14:00 Karpe Diem
    16:00 Airbourne
    18:30 Orgi-e feat. F1rsteholdet and Opa Opa Orkestar
    20:30 Miguel
    00:00 Dubioza Kolektiv and Voodoo Glow Skulls

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    Cosmopol Stage

    17:30 Mokoomba
    20:30 Chinese Mand
    23:00 C2C

    12:00 The Soul Rebels
    14:00 Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs
    16:00 Felipe Cordeiro
    18:00 Killer Mike
    20:00 EL-P
    21:45 Linkoban
    00:00 Tego Calderˇn
    02:00 Throes + The Shine

    12:00 Ekkozone performs music for 18 musicians
    14:30 Truls
    18:00 Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies, Joey Bad$$ and Danny Brown
    22:00 Badume┤s band & Selamnesh Zemene
    00:00 Bixiga 70
    02:15 Angel Haze

    12:00 Chords
    14:00 The Heliocentrics
    16:00 Azealia Banks
    18:00 Kid Koala
    20:00 Marcos Valle feat Lucas Santtana

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    Odeon Stage

    19:00 The Lumineers
    21:00 Jake Bugg
    23:00 Christian Hjelm

    13:00 Henry Rollins - Spoken Word
    15:00 Bombino
    17:00 Jonathan Wilson
    19:00 Rokia TraorÚ
    21:00 The Dillinger Escape Plan
    23:00 Kirstine Stubbe TeglbjŠrg
    01:30 Ondatrˇpica

    13:00 Hoba Hoba Spirit
    15:00 Matthew E. White
    17:00 Goatwhore
    19:00 Indians
    21:30 Quadron
    00:00 Chelsea Light Moving
    03:00 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

    12:30 Ensiferum
    14:30 The Sword
    16:30 John Grant
    18:00 Blood Command
    20:30 Calexico

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    Apollo Stage

    17:30 Eloq
    19:30 Baauer
    22:00 Disclosure

    15:30 Om Unit
    17:30 Jam City
    19:30 Maskinen
    21:30 UZ
    00:00 Daedelus - Archimedes Show
    02:30 Simian Mobile Disco

    15:30 Kenton Slash Deamon
    17:30 Thomas Barfod - Live
    20:00 Numbers label night with:

    14:30 Flume
    16:00 Dead Fader
    18:00 Laurel Halo
    20:00 Holy Other

    The line up for Gloria, Pavilion, Pavilion Jr and Apollo Countdown is available here

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    Dillinger Escape Plan canceled their European tour as you probably did knew, but today Roskilde announced that Devin Townsend Project will replace Dillinger.

    There has also been some minor adjustments in the schedule.

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    I can┤t remember if anyone ended up selling their ticket but here is my schedule if anyone wan┤ts to say hallo

    My Thursday and Sunday are somewhat limited because I┤ll be selling tickets for the festival train on these two days.


    01:00 Ingrid


    14:00 - Andy Stott - Gloria
    15:30 - Dead Can Dance - Arena
    17:00 - Turbonegro - Orange
    18:30 - Of Monsters And Men - Arena
    19:30┤Ýsh - Bobby Womack - Orange
    22:30 - Rihanna - Orange (just to see what all the fuzz is about)
    01:00 - Crystal Castles - Arena


    13:00 - Hoba Hoba Spirit - Odeon
    15:00 - Parquet Courts - Pavilion
    17:00 - Kris Kristofferson - Orange
    19:30 - The National - Orange
    21:30 - Quadron - Odeon
    22:30 - Metallica - Orange
    00:00 - Sigur Rˇs - Arena

    What I┤ll do later is not decided yet because I┤ll have to do volunter work again next morning


    18:00 - Orgi-E, F1rsteholdet and Opa Opa Orkestar - Arena
    20:00 - Marcos Valle - Cosmopol
    22:00 - Kraftwerk - Orange
    00:00 - Closing Party - Arena

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    Roskilde Festival will livestream from the main festival starting on Thursday.

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    I have found some reviews in English.

    I will see if i can find more, both positive and negative ones.
    Last edited by Bongo-anders; 08-04-2013 at 10:15 AM.

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    Default Re: Roskilde 2013

    I really wish I didn't have to sell my ticket. It sounds like such a good time.

    April 24 - Queens of the Stone Age
    April 26-28 - Levitation

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    It was a very good time indeed, the weather was mixed in the first part of the week but Friday, Saturday and Sunday was very hot (by danish standards) so on that fron it was good.

    I posted this "review" on the Roskilde board just after the festival.

    Because of voluntering I didn┤t see as much as i wanted to but here we go.


    Dead Can Dance - 5/6 - The best possible way to start this years festival.

    Turbonegro - I saw a little bit but not enough to judge the concert.

    Of Monsters And Men - 5/6 - Maybe the crowd made the concert better than it was but I had a good time.

    Then wached a little bit of Bobby Womack and Devind Townsend Project.

    S÷nd÷rg÷ - 4/6 - THe is always something special by watching "world music" acts at Roskilde, both the crowd and the band had a good time, just watch the concert on this website and find out by yourself.

    Then I tried to get a spot for Rihanna but it was to crowded so I went home instead.


    Hoba Hoba Spirit - 4/6 - The crowd was a little bit "MorgentrŠt" to start with but at the end of the concert it was a huge party, The music at times reminded a little bit of the older RHCP songs and some of the other was rather bluesy.

    Hatebreed - I can┤t judge it from the few song i saw but what a energy.

    Thurston Moore artist talk - I don┤t think i can judge a interview but a very chatty crowd safety guard (yes number 49 I┤m talking about you) ruined the start so I moved closer to the stage but then another security guy asked me (and the others i presume) to stand up and then i was gone.

    Kris Kristofferson - 4/6 - All the critics should go to hell, so what that the Orange stage wasn┤t filled to the brim.
    I just sat in the grass in the back pit like many others and enjoyed the concert in a very relaxed way and I think that Kris felt the same way.

    The National - 5/6 - Matt has such a stage presence and the sound was good.

    I really wanted to see Quadron but i was tired and the tent was already full 30 minutes before the concert so I went home early again (had a 07:30 shift next morning)


    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 3/6 - I really tried to watch this concert but it didn┤t catch me at all, The music sounded fine but was not my thing.

    Orgi-e feat F1rsteholdet and Opa Opa Orkestar - 5/6 - waaaaat a party and also a crazy amount of guest stars and I was afraid that the roof at Arena was going to blow off.

    Then i was watching a little bit of Kid Koala, Marcus Valle and Colexico but i was probably to tired know to to keep focus.

    Then I listened to some weird stuff at the artzone, there was no bass so even though the music was mediocre I could just sit down and relax.

    Kraftwerk - 5/6 - One of my most amazing concerts experiences, the music was rather monotonous a few times but the hits and the 3D effects made the concert better.

    2 things i know for the next time, Even if i go by myself another year I will camp and maybe hook up with a camp atleasrt its hard to commute between K°ge and Roskilde each day, i missed Sig˙r Ros because I couldn┤t get home in time to get some sleep in order to work the next morning.

    If I volunteer again I will not take a job were I have to stand up for 8 hours and then listening to some music for many other hours.

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