Chinese Man and Mokoomba also fill the Roskilde lineup with sunshine.
Today's urban package is a three-stage rocket, exploring destinations as diverse as France, Zimbabwe and Puerto Rico.

TEGO CALDERÓN (PR) visits Roskilde Festival on his first Scandinavian tour ever. This is the first time in six years that the reggaeton king is in Europe. Reggaeton is a mix of Spanish-language rap, salsa, dancehall and other tropical beats – the genre has its origins in Puerto Rico's poorest neighbourhoods. Tego Calderón is partly responsible for making the music genre grow big both inside and outside the slum.

CHINESE MAN (FR) makes the party spin from their turntables with a mashup of funk, house, jazz, reggae and hip hop. The French DJ collective is a group of music lovers with a broad approach to turntablism and a penchant for obscure samples and crackling nostalgia. With visuals and vocalists on top of the versatile mix, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the Year of the Snake at Roskilde Festival.

MOKOOMBA (ZW) sounds like a concentrate of African traditions – filled with swaying hips, handclaps and festive brass. With the language and rhythms from their own tonga minority, Mokoomba throws funk, pop and Latin rhythms on top, and the band has a wonderful front man and lead singer in Mathias Muzaza. Uplifting dance music, almost certain to leave listeners happy and with a nice suntan.