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Thread: (San Fran) - 05.09 - LiB Pre-Party ft Koan Sound, Minnesota, Lapalux and more!

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    Default (San Fran) - 05.09 - LiB Pre-Party ft Koan Sound, Minnesota, Lapalux and more!

    Join us on May 9th for the San Francisco LIB Pre-Party featuring Koan Sound, Minnesota, Lapalux and more to be announced at 1015 Folsom. This event is presented by The Do LaB, Euphonic Conceptions, An-ten-nae and DJ Dials. Tickets are now on sale!

    Get tickets:

    -- About Lightning in a Bottle --

    Lightning in a Bottle happens Memorial Day Weekend May 22nd-26th 2014 at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, CA. Join us at our brand new location for our best year yet! Tickets are now on sale:

    -- About the Artists --

    * KOAN SOUND *

    It’s strange how the death of one musical group can be exactly the sort of catalyst needed to spawn another. KOAN Sound are certainly a highly gifted example of this phenomenon. It was in 2008 that KOAN Sound emerged from the ashes of several other musical endeavours, fusing passion for electronic music with sheer musical intuition. Since then KOAN Sound have continued to develop, synthesising ever more complex and inspirational patterns. And with influences such as The Prodigy, Amon Tobin and Noisia, it’s not hard to see why KOAN Sound productions are synonymous with dark gripping basslines; elegantly mastered and meticulously executed. Support is nothing but exponential for KOAN Sound. The group’s creative and above all original ethos has granted them well deserved credibility from producers, DJ and Music fans alike. Armed with a creative diversity second to none, they have set themselves apart from their peers and continue to push music not restrained by tempo or genre, all connected by their trademark ‘KOAN’ sound.


    Christian Bauhofer, known by his fans as his party crushing alter ego Minnesota, is a producer and DJ heralding from Santa Cruz, CA that has been lighting up venues across the country with his frantic energy and pounding bass. Minnesota's goal seems simple; to release diverse productions that can win over any crowd. The support of his management team, agency, and some of the world's greatest artists can only attribute to his hunger for more time spent on the road and in the studio. For Minnesota, the future is bright as he spends his time producing new tracks and finds himself playing more events than ever. If you haven't heard about him until now, know that Minnesota is a name to watch.

    * LAPALUX *

    In a world in which upstart DiY talent is flooding the gates of electronic music, a few recent voices have been so strong as to be startling. Lapalux – AKA 25-year-old Stuart Howard – is certainly one such. As singular as a brilliant artist always should be, his instinctive understanding of the atmospheric power of texture grips the ear immediately on listening.

    -- Event Details --

    May 9th 2014

    1015 Folsom
    1015 Folsom St,
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    This event is 21+

    Get tickets:
    ..:: ~The Do LaB ~ ::..
    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ Thank you for making Lightning in a Bottle 2013 our greatest adventure yet! ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

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    Default Re: (San Fran) - 05.09 - LiB Pre-Party ft Koan Sound, Minnesota, Lapalux and more!

    Was planning to go to this but I'll be in Vegas. No big deal though, since LIB is just around the corner!! YAYY!!

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