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Rumors of a girl getting shocked and that's why showers are closed. No genral store that was promised and if you want to leave to get supplies you have you have to pay 7 bucks each time on top of the $21 weekend charge that no one told us about until we were here. This wasn't bothering me yesterday when security was relaxed, but now they are being like thery were at Coachella on Friday. This festival is great inside, but camping is awful. The thing that pisses me off most though is that every concern or complaint is met with the response, "I don't know. That's not my job." Even if you try to enquire about who to talk to you get the same response.

I also saw a headdress today. Shit is not going well
crazy first year of this stuff. couple of years ago we had it in the power plant. major growing pains. but hopefully next year it stays at the same level, but works the kinks out.