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    Default Port Transfer?

    Does anyone know whether there is a Port transfer shuttle? When I took a Carnival Cruise, I met one at the airport that drove to Port.
    My brother and I plan to arrive the night before the Jamaica departure. I know a guy who missed his Alaska cruise because of plane delays...
    Anyway, I am trying to figure out if we should stay near the airport and take the transfer shuttle the next day (if it exists), or if I should find a hotel near the port that has a shuttle from airport to hotel?
    I appreciate advice.
    Jamaica, rm 3116

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    Default Re: Port Transfer?

    In my experience, nearly every hotel in that vicinity will have shuttles that will pick up/drop off to/from the airport and cruise terminal. The airport is really not that far from Port Everglades, and there is a shit-ton of hotels in the area. At worst, I would get a hotel that's close to the port, and take a cab on the morning of embarkation. The cabs get access really easily into the port, and they will get you to the correct terminal and even give your luggage to the cruise co. Really smooth process. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Port Transfer?

    In our experience, we found that taking a cab was actually cheaper than taking one of those shuttles the cram 8-10 people in. And you have to wait to leave until they fill the shuttle. We took a cab in half the time and price as my in-laws for our cruises in March. They paid $8 pp to cram 8 people in a shuttle van, we paid $9 in total (for two of us) a cab and rode in style in a new cushy cab. My vote is always for the taxi, but any hotel you stay at near the airport or port (very close to each other) will arrange a shuttle or taxi for you.

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