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Thread: 2012 Hangout festival

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    Cool 2012 Hangout festival

    Who went? What did you think? We thought it was way better than last year logistically, with a lesser line up. But spread out, you can only see 30 bands in three days, and there were definitely 30 good bands there. The lineup was once in a lifetime for Hangout in 2011 and next year is bound to be better now that we've gotten Dave Matthews out of the way. Right?
    Nothing will top the first year most likely, but this year came close with the upgrades and expansions. It's a super first class festival...Grace Potter once called it Coachella on the beach.

    Here is a recap we did for 2012 if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariefbr View Post
    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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    Creeper indeed.

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