Please, for the love of god, please bring back Modeselektor for 2013. Also, for the love of god, please dont make them conflict with something as big as Snoop and Dre. Had to leave Modeselektor's epic set early to see Snoop and Dre last year, which was the most heartbreaking and difficult decision I think I've ever had to make in my life. They were SO good, but there was no way I could miss the big closing act of the weekend, I mean come on.

It was a disservice to my favorite DJs from Germany to pit them against two of the biggest rap stars to ever exist--Modeselektor deserves a crowd, which they didn't get in 2012; give us all a chance to redeem ourselves and put them in for 2013. It's okay if someone like Avicci is playing at the same time... I don't want Avicci fans at my Modeselektor show anyway. Just let me see them again, please. I feel like nobody in LA knows who they are so my only chance to see them again will be some crazy Euro trip or maybe, just maybe a truly blessed Coachella 2013.