Yeah, this isn't important because now people in Colorado can finally smoke weed after being deprived for so long, it's important as a challenge to federal drug prohibition and as (in my opinion) one of the first serious steps towards making weed legal everywhere, and maybe looking at how terrible the War on Drugs is in general (though I won't hold my breath on this one).

Basically everything that happens from this point forward is going to be interesting:

- prices in CO (I think they'll go down)
- DEA's response
- Obama's response
- increased revenues in CO
- increased crime in CO (lol)
- if people still buy from dealers
- how other states react in upcoming elections

etc. etc. I'd say this is as important as when MMJ first began in terms of getting rid of this stupid fucking prohibition. I'm thinking most people will buy from the stores, honestly... buying from a dealer sucks and why would you do that unless it was way more convenient or way cheaper? I mean people will still cop from friends/neighbors who grow but if you're just a normal person and you want weed you're gonna go to a store so you can pay with your credit card and so you don't have to watch the end of a Family Guy episode before your dude weighs you out a sack.