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Thread: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

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    Default EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    So tickets are going on sale in less than a week and i need to know whether or not VIP is worth the 450 as apposed to GA which is 199?
    Heres what the EDC site says..
    VIP amenities include:
    - A separate VIP entrance to the festival for rapid entry
    - Viewing decks overlooking multiple stages (access to decks may be restricted throughout the night due
    to capacity limits)
    - Full cash bars located on the VIP decks and VIP lounge areas
    - Separate restroom facilities
    - Access to exclusive VIP areas
    - Ticket granting entry into the Electric Daisy Carnival
    - Insomniac VIP lanyard & badge
    - VIP Ferris Wheel

    Im guessing its pretty similar to last year so my question is for people who actually bought VIP last year. was the entrance to the festival much quicker than GA? what were the "VIP areas" and viewing decks like? were the VIP areas packed?
    I dont really care about restroom facilities or the bar for that matter. Basically I want to avoid waiting in lines for ages and dont want to be sandwiched between people all night long so im considering VIP because I want to get into the festival fast and I like to have some space around me when dancing and some room to breath but I dont really know if its that much different than GA to justify the extra 250 so any help from anyone who went last year would be appreciated!!

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    if you noticed the small stands and stairs leading to a seated area - those are the VIP areas and now they werent too packed i don't think, but keep in mind they don't have them at every stage, i believe only 2 or 3 of them. (main, trance stage last year might have been only ones)

    its nice to be able to sit at times for me at least, and quicker entry would be good, but i get there really early and don't wait in long lines anyway so i'm not sure if it'd be worth it for me

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    Get the GA and spend the extra $250 on sum drugzzz.

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    Regular line into EDC is not a hassle at all if you go through a non-crowded entrance.

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    If you like wasting money and telling people you were in VIP go for it.

    Friend was in VIP this year and didn't feel like she got to really get into EDC. You just sit there doing cocaine and drinking shitty vodka.

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mugwog View Post
    . You just sit there doing cocaine and drinking shitty vodka.
    Sounds like a regular Tuesday night at Mugs house to me
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    They check your age at a rave? That means its not a rave.

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    Insomniac vip is only worth it if it includes an open bar. But i probably had a hand in ending that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by juloxx View Post
    Shut the fuck up you pussy. If you dont get down with Westside Connection you have no credibility in the music world what so-ever. Get off these forums you *** *** and go bump your N'sync
    Quote Originally Posted by Goatchella View Post
    I'm down with westside again

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    Default Re: EDC 2013 is VIP worth it?

    I won free VIP this year (thanks to Pretty Lights). The VIP area at the back of the main stage had a pretty crazy view of the entire crowd/stage, and the sound was good. I'm not a drinker so the bar area was of no use to me. They had some tables and stuff set up that you could sit at. And some VIP bathrooms that I assume were a little nicer than the regular porta-potties. The entry was a bit faster, took me about 5 minutes, and my friend with a regular ticket had about a 20 minute wait (entered on one of the side gates).

    To be honest I felt more comfortable/relaxed sitting down for a rest in the grassy area behind the hardcore stage than I did in the VIP areas.

    The best part for me was the free ride on the VIP ferris wheel. The ferris wheel itself wasn't impressive (old and rickety) but the view you got from the top was nothing less of amazing. Birds eye view of the main stage, and you could see out over the rest of the festival too. Here's a little video if you care: It's blurry until about 0:25, but you can get the idea. Either way you could probably just pay $5 or something and ride the regular ferris wheel for a similar view haha.

    Not worth $200 extra in my opinion. I like to be in the thick of the crowd, so the special VIP areas don't do much for me, other than providing a cool view of the crowd/stage before I decide to go in. But if you have tons of extra cash, $200 for a few comforts (faster entrance, some tables to lean on, and prettier bathrooms) go for it.

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