So tickets are going on sale in less than a week and i need to know whether or not VIP is worth the 450 as apposed to GA which is 199?
Heres what the EDC site says..
VIP amenities include:
- A separate VIP entrance to the festival for rapid entry
- Viewing decks overlooking multiple stages (access to decks may be restricted throughout the night due
to capacity limits)
- Full cash bars located on the VIP decks and VIP lounge areas
- Separate restroom facilities
- Access to exclusive VIP areas
- Ticket granting entry into the Electric Daisy Carnival
- Insomniac VIP lanyard & badge
- VIP Ferris Wheel

Im guessing its pretty similar to last year so my question is for people who actually bought VIP last year. was the entrance to the festival much quicker than GA? what were the "VIP areas" and viewing decks like? were the VIP areas packed?
I dont really care about restroom facilities or the bar for that matter. Basically I want to avoid waiting in lines for ages and dont want to be sandwiched between people all night long so im considering VIP because I want to get into the festival fast and I like to have some space around me when dancing and some room to breath but I dont really know if its that much different than GA to justify the extra 250 so any help from anyone who went last year would be appreciated!!