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    I know they are mainly known for Radar Love, and to a lesser degree Twilight Zone but they have a massive catalog of amazing songs and they have also been together with just 1 lineup change since 1961 making them the longest continuously surving rock band on planet Earth.

    It would be a major accomplishment if Goldenvoice could bring them to the Polo Fields for their first US appearance in 3 decades.

    The new album has been rocking my stereo all summer

    Check out their new song Identical

    What a great band, they are one of my last bucket list bands, C'mon Paul, if anyone can bring Golden Earring back to America, it's you.
    "why are you so annoying" TheKlein25

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    Why not get Focus and Shocking Blue and make it a Dutch trifecta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grichsgang View Post
    Why not get Focus and Shocking Blue and make it a Dutch trifecta?
    Sounds good. I also like Moss and Front 242.
    "why are you so annoying" TheKlein25

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    Hocus Pocus. Love it.

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