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Thread: kill me now!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amyzzz View Post
    Exactly right.
    But what if Sandusky's victims were women?
    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    Has Pitchfork revealed it's top 200 covers by Arcade Fire yet?

    Sleep - 5/1 - ACL Live
    Levitation Festival - 5/8 - 5/10 - Carson Creek Ranch
    Courtney Barnett - 6/5 - The Mohawk
    The Avett Brothers - 6/27 - Whitewater Amphitheater
    Death Grips - 7/18 - The Mohawk

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    More importantly: is bettycarolyn dead yet?
    Youth, you son of a bitch, where did you go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma Ocean View Post
    so I assume you've never been cunt punched at a festival? Well lucky you!

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    I enjoyed this thread.

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    alive and roommate on the other hand....MUAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

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