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Thread: SXSW 2013

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    White people dont like to dance.

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    It's because they smell like wet dog when they sweat or get rained on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electrotek View Post
    Who else was at the Boiler Room SXSW Showcase? Skream threw a CDJ in the air LOL
    Got there after trying for a weak 5 min to get into Prince/Tribe. Loved the layout of the space w/ the lighting and visuals and 2 stages.

    Shohlmo was very good w/ the Underachievers which was one of my good sxsw music discoveries of the weekend. Mount Kimbie was amazing. got me in the right mood. Lunice w/ Joey Badass Mykke Blanco was fun. Then....Muthafuckin' DEATH GRIPS. Wow! Zach Hill live drumming via skype and projected on 2 huge Mac screens on stage from his vantage pt. Their live performance is really something else. Then RL Grime, Skream, Buaeer to end the night. Good stuff.
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    without having to scroll through.. and just guessing this might be a good thread to ask.. any regular boardie vets live in austin? i'm heading in for a couple days. wondering what fun, if any, is to be had on a monday and/or tuesday night. (this coming monday/tuesday)... as i visit the ticketing company offices during the day.. and shipping warehouse.
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    check out

    they know pretty much everything going on in Austin.

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    If you like classic honky tonk go see Dale Watson at the The Continental Club. Mondays and Tuesdays pretty quiet/chill.
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    Here are my pictures from Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday: Fear Of Men, Braids, Maserati, Caitlin Rose, Polyphonic Spree, Disclosure. From Hype Hotel and Brooklyn vegan parties
    Thursday: Autre ne Vuet, St. Lucia, CHVRCHES (24 really good pics), Flume, Austra, Classixx, Oliver, Icona Pop, Flosstradamus, A-Trak. From Pitchfork, Hype Hotel and Fools Gold Parties.

    Still have Friday and Saturday pictures to post later. Been too busy lately. These are non-dslr but still came out really good on most of them.
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    Some highlights from my SXSW collected here:

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    I must have been standing pretty close to you at Divine Fits and Austra.
    Quote Originally Posted by JustSteve View Post
    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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