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Thread: Rihanna?

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    Default Rihanna?

    I am just throwing this out there as a what does anyone else think, with Rihanna playing Vegas on Friday April 12th, she could possibly be a Saturday/Sunday sub-liner. She do like to get her party on and she did show up for Calvin Harrismtjis year. Just an innocent thought to ponder.

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    Default Re: Rihanna?

    no. just.. no....
    Coachella Weekend 1 & 2

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    Default Re: Rihanna?

    But isnt she somewhere else on the other weekend? Also the la date gets in the way

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    Default Re: Rihanna?

    Yeah, my bad. The next weekend she is in Florida on Friday and Saturday. Getting back to Indio on Sunday seems a little much, and I'm super cool with that as I am NOT a fans

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    I am not a fans either.
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    She do like to get her party on = She's a viable contender to be booked by Coachella.

    (it's how the music industry works)
    9/21: Khruangbin @ The Independent
    9/22: Moon Duo, Cold Beat @ The New Parish
    9/24: Dolly Parton @ Shoreline
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    10/14: Margo Price @ GAMH
    10/15: Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Shea Stadium BK
    10/16: Anthony Naples, Justin Carter @ Nowadays
    10/21: Screaming Females @ The Night Light
    10/25: Hiss Golden Messenger @ The Independent
    09/28: Nicolas Jaar @ Taub
    11/16: Neko Case @ The Fox Theater Oakland

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    Default Re: Rihanna?

    Ri-Ri gangbang @ chella '13

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