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    Hi, we are three friends from santiago, Chile that want to go to coachella in 2013. We need to buy plane tickets now because otherwise it turns out very expensive. Different people have told us that in January it is almost impossible to get tickets. Valley music travel seems a very good option but they have rooms for 2 or 4 people. Does anyone know about some other travel agency that could have promotions for 3 people? Or any other way to do it? thanks

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    buy the 4-person package. you'll be able to find someone to take the final spot.
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    Or you'll at least be able to sell the fourth wristband once y ou get here.
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    It's not that bad to get tickets in January if you are serious/committed and don't dick around. Second weekend should be easier and I recommend that. I would say just get the plane tickets. Worst case, even if you don't get tickets it's still nice to hang out in Palm Springs even without Chella. The Ace hotel has live music all day during Chella weekend, costs about $20 to get a wristband for the day there.

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