Board mix of the week isn't doing very well these days, so this probably won't take off either. In any case, this would be a regular thing, how often is up to you guys, where we all contribute a song off a new release in order to help everyone explore new music. It's some times daunting to look at a long list of recent releases and reviews and figure out what might appeal to you, so having one another hand select favorite songs would be a novel way of getting a taste of what's out there and help us digest the overwhelming influx of new music pouring out of the void at all times. It would work the same way as the board mix of the week does, each person contributes one song (let's say released within the past 6 months) and someone compiles it together and posts it for everyone to download. It would be nice if we could avoid huge releases everyone will likely hear and focus more on less obvious stuff, but I'll just be satisfied if this thrives at all.