Well, it's official, Soundgarden fans are in for more than a quick cash grab tour. The band released a trailer for their new album, "King Animal", set to drop November 13, 2012, complete with some trippy psychadelic song rumored to be "Rowing" from the upcoming album. If you're not a Soundgarden fan, but you're starving for any decent rock music, it should be noted that the album was mixed by Joe Barresi, who also mixed Tool's "10,000 Days", Weezer's "Pinkerton", Queens of the Stone Age's "QotSA" and "Lullabies to Paralyze", and a bunch more. This is not a Bob Rock type radio play attempt.

What's more, the first single off the album, "Been Away Too Long" (yeah, nice generic name after that promising intro) is due to begin airplay this Wednesday, September 19, 2012... and there's an expectation that the band will tour through the fall. Yes, this is where you should post any news of warm-up shows around L.A.

Track listing is as follows:
Been Away Too Long
Non-State Actor
By Crooked Steps
A Thousand Days Before
Blood On The Valley Floor
Bones of Birds
Black Saturday
Halfway There
Worse Dreams
Eyelid’s Mouth

And you can pre-order the deluxe edition on Amazon if you like. No details, but the price will probably go up from the $14 when the details rolls in.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled indie/commercial music discussion.