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Thread: Sofita Music: New Greek Music Forum

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    Red face Sofita Music: New Greek Music Forum

    Sofita Music is a place to share your musical ideas and inspirations.

    Begins as an incomplete idea, so without association,that might arise along the way.
    The main idea though is to work on creating music.

    For Example: someone publishes a song, an idea, a rough recording or a verse.

    The remaining members, and through the discussion, try to contribute as they can: by voice, orchestration, with mixing,
    or even video, hoping that in the end we will have a good result.

    Certainly is not our invention idea,as well are made some efforts in other forums.
    But we want this cooperation to be the focus of the Music Sofita and limit the discussions to the necessary.

    And because we love and we are dealing with music, we want to participate,to help and be helped.

    We hope that this site will offer many things about music to us and to you.

    There is a new category("other countries") for the visitors outside Greece,who wants to share their music inspirations or ideas.

    (Go to the "other countries" section,choose category and upload your song via attachment or a link of a file sharing site.) Join us!

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    Remember Hitler? I don't but here we are again .. cr****

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    Επεξεργασία του προφίλ σου - Where did it all go wrong?

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