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Thread: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

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    Wink Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    Ya'know nothing serious just meet up possibly hang out (Looking for new friends tbh ) P.s I'm a real cool gal, easy to talk to , very nice ... Ill be at Weekend 2 ... Anyone?? ( =

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    Default Re: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    pics or gtfo

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    Default Re: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    some more basic information could help, age, bands you like, are you camping things like that.

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    Default Re: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    There's a long time poster here from Colorado that would probably love to hang out with you.

    September 1 - Gwar
    September 11 - Negură Bunget
    September 14 - GY!BE
    September 19 - Chelsea Wolfe
    September 20 - Titus Andronicus
    September 25 - Kraftwerk
    October 1 - The Zombies
    October 10 - The Sword& Kadavar
    October 13 - Autechre
    October 14 - Ghost
    November 4 - Puscifer
    November 7 - FFF/Mayhem/Watain/Rotting Christ
    November 13 - Housecore Horror Fest
    November 14 - Deafheaven
    March 24 - David Gilmour

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    Default Re: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    Holler at me
    Quote Originally Posted by theklein25 View Post
    When Foster the People played Pumped Up Kicks I freaked the fuck out because I thought that song was long gone

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    Default Re: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member...

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    Default Re: Anyone wanna meet at Coachella!?

    L7 | KMFDM | Blondie | The Kills | OSL | FYF | Riot Fest Denver | The B-52's | Cut Copy (LIVE) | LIB | Garbage | CRSSD | Wolf Alice | Azealia Banks | Beach Goth 4 | Madonna

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    Girl, you can pound your vagina so hard in those the Sahara will feel a new kind of drop...
    Quote Originally Posted by mrhand View Post
    ... Keep fucking that chicken.
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    All you ladybois want inside this pink slip

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