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Thread: Invading Bestival 2013--The Thread

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    Default Invading Bestival 2013--The Thread

    I know there are a few of us planning on going to this festival next year. Thought I'd start a thread for the 2013 details; we can also use as a planning thread.

    First updates:

    Bestival early bird tickets will be on sale 9:00am Friday, September 21st. More details to follow.

    I'm going to start doing our research on costs, etc. and will post updates as I trudge through the research. I've been planning on staying in Boutique camping, but after reading the very negative feedback, I may be rethinking that decision.

    Lilia--if you can share what you know about your experiences, advice, etc, that would be great.

    Probably going:

    Me (captncrzy)
    Rick (Somewhat Damaged)
    Lilia (unknown)
    Adam (unknown's ball and chain)
    Sonofhal (Chris...known in the states as BritChris)

    Also, I think Rick and I are going to spend a couple of days in Rome before the festival to get some sightseeing/pizza/wine/culture in.
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