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Thread: My Weekend 2 for your Weekend 1 - *sending out positive coachella karma*

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    Default My Weekend 2 for your Weekend 1 - *sending out positive coachella karma*

    Hello everyone,

    Majority of my friends got Weekend 1 passes, some of us ended up with Weekend 2.

    We have (9) Weekend 2 passes we're looking to swap for Weekend 1 (we have a pretty large group!) - in singles, pairs, anything. Willing to swap our GA/SHUTTLE for regular GA.

    Looking for an even trade - or if we must throw on extra, we may be able to.

    I'm located in the Bay Area, California. This will be my 3rd year at Coachella and I'd really to be able to go with my friends - please let me know if anyone has any leads!

    Thank you.
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