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    Default Re: SAHARA REVIVAL WISHLIST 2013!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mugwog View Post
    In 2009, I woke up with a random in my huge tent, when we inquired how his night was, he said he blacked out in the beer gardens around 5pm.

    So many people who get hotels/condos end up partying there the whole time and missing most of the day by leaving the condo at 4/5pm and getting into the venue at 7pm.

    This last year, there was quite possibly more asshats than I had ever experienced at Coachella in my 9 years there. Way more bro rape packs roaming around this year.
    Same, we had 2 tents set up (we were sharing 2 campsites. A random girl stumbled into our site around 3-4 in the morning disoriented as all hell, she climbed into one of our tents and my friend felt bad because she was freezing. Not drunk, but fucked out of her mind on something else.

    Sure I've gone crazy at Coachella, but I've never been that out of my mind. I've seen some weird shit in the campgrounds over the past 3 years. Unfortunately, last year I went a bit too crazy and didn't get enough sleep because of it, so I had to miss most of Sunday night, I started having panic attacks and shit and had to go back to the campsite with my (now) girlfriend, bless her soul for missing out on Snoop and Dre to make sure I was alright :/

    Luckily I went weekend 2 with my brother and experienced Soberchella, got to see everyone I missed weekend 1.
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