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Just out of curiosity, and I'm completely open to being told I'm wrong, but which bigger name electronic acts that were actively touring the US in 2012 do you think Coachella missed out on so badly? I tend to think the 2012 bookings were more a product of what was available than a conscious decision to go cheesy. I know there are a million smaller acts nobody has heard of that could have been added but my question is more about names that would have been 2nd-3rd liners.

We did get a few good DJ acts that no other festivals around were getting last year. Modeselektor, Shadow, Flylo, Amon Tobin, SBTRKT, etc all had solid sets and aren't part of the cheese everyone hates.
I mostly agree with you. A couple more names in the right direction would have been good though. Although they didn't tour, ultra pulled kraftwerk. So obviously that would have been nice. Add in a 2manydj's set and a couple other decent acts and a lot of the bitching would have died down.

I could care less if their is cheese there, because it's easy to avoid. It's if it takes away quality electronic bookings that it becomes a problem.