Have a brilliant(ly stupid) idea for a TV show? Do you have insight into what kind of prime time programming will set the hearts and minds of the American public aflame? Think you could run a cable station better than the out of touch jackoffs greenlighting formulaic time wasters? Prove your unimpeachable brilliance here with your own treatments for potential television programs!

Title: Paranormal Cheaters
Genre: Reality, Sci-Fi
Synopsis: Each week, a crack team of paranormal investigators will stalk someone whose partner believes is having an affair with some kind of mystical creature. They will secretly record clandestine meetings between the unfaithful and their supernatural lovers. All the while, a condescendingly smug yet handsome host will comment on the goings on, providing groan-worthy puns to make light of the infidelity. Once they have enough evidence, the host and the betrayed partner will confront the deceiver on camera and demand that they choose between breaking up or performing an exorcism on their lover.