Friday night we were drinking Manischewitz, you know going out to terrorize Goyim. We were Stomping shagitz, screwing shiksas; this was cool as long as we were home by Saturday morning. We ruled Coachella cause hey, we are the Brews, sporting anti-swastika tattoos. Oi Oi we are the boys–Orthodox, hesidic, O.G. Ois

We were all wearing orthopedic, Dr. Martens good for waffle making, kicking through the shins. Our reputation, gained through intimidation–pacifism was no longer a tradition. We got the might, psycho mashuganas, we can't lose a fight, as we are the chosen ones of Coachella. We were Chutzpah driven, we battle then we feast; we celebrated, then we separated our milkplates from our meat.

That was my favorite part of Coachella 2012.