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Thread: Silent Disco tonight

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    Default Silent Disco tonight

    Whos going? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
    Superfan will be in front of the Fonda masturbating furiously to a photo of him taking a photo of a band. Set is from 8:05 to approximately 8:05:15. Guest list only.

    Upcoming Shows: Spamalot (7/31), HARD (8/1) 2001 Space Odyssey with LA Phil (8/12), Opeth (10/18), TOOL (10/31), Coachella 2016 (WK1), David Gilmour (Wherever I need to go)

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    Default Re: Silent Disco tonight

    Quote Originally Posted by involvelemons View Post
    Silent discos are like having sex with a virgin: really exciting in theory, extremely awkward in execution.
    Quote Originally Posted by BROKENDOLL View Post
    I bet Cara's gotten enough Twats on a Platter and Dick on a Stick to open her own Trolls to Go snack shop.

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