I have a confession to make that's really only appropriate in this thread.

So, due to the two master cleanses and serious exercises I did pre-coachella, the not eating anything but booze and smoothies because I can't swallow anything solid because of the damn dust during coachella, and then the I'm too exhausted and sick to make dinner so I'll just stick with soups and smoothies diet post coachella, I lost like 30 lbs in two months. Since I got better, I've been totally gorging myself and gained about 5 lbs right away. The scale moves up a little every day.

While I'm happy I lost that kind of weight so fast, I'm super weak.
I live in Utah where I'm surrounded by awesome trails and people who go on those trails. I went backpacking with some friends for some late night camping, and it was insane how tired I was so fast. I've done that same hike a bjillion times and never gotten so tired so fast, even when I was at my heaviest. It was a huge wake up call for me to get back to strength training. It's pretty hilarious how much Coachella is like all around me in terms of getting ready financially, making time for it with work and school, and physically. This one was a doozy!

Earlier this week I started doing weights and finally today I got up the motivation to do both cardio and circuit training. I really hope I'll get back to a stronger me quick, and quit eating such shit. Damn BBQ parties!

I think the solution is to make a brand new work out playlist, and get to gettin' for next year.

The end.