I wasn't all that impressed with the apps food choices at all. it does have a bar code scanner, so if you're eating packaged foods, that might make it easier? use the website, it's way better!

it's important to track your calorie burn and consumption otherwise you won't know for sure that you are in the right calorie deficit range. even ballpark guestimates are better than nothing at all, so even if you use your cardio app to get a baseline of your physical calorie burn, you can enter that into myfitnesspal.

I wish I could set you all up with bodybuggs since it's so much better than any of these apps, but we are winding down and getting out of the game soon and I don't have the same hookups with the bodybugg by bodymedia devices (which are WAY better than plain bodybuggs). it makes tracking your calorie burn so easy, all you have to do is wear the device on your arm and upload the data every few days. some of the devices even connect via bluetooth so you can see real time displays of your steps/calorie burn. MyFitnessPal even integrates with the new bodybugg by bodymedia so I'm tempted to use my employee discount and pick one up, but not until the OG bodybugg goes away since I'm cheap and don't want to pay for the device and subscription.

I definitely recommend them if anyone it on the fence though - and no, I don't get commission haha