In addition to camping last year, we stayed in a big house within walking distance (in that gated neighborhood next door to the Polo Fields) for sleeping showering, relaxing, fridge purposes. We're planning on staying there again and are looking for other people who may be interested in sharing the house with us. It's got 4-5 huge bedrooms, so it can sleep anywhere from 8-12 people total. There is a pool and jacuzzi in the back, balcony with a great view, and maid (totally not necessary, but she came with the house so I'm not complaining!)

The owner is really chill and we did not have to pay a deposit. She wants us back this year, so I assume it will be the same. It's less than $100/night - how much exactly would depend on how many people we get. If you're interested, respond here or shoot me a PM. Serious inquiries only!