I am from the UK and am going to be coming over for Coachella next year, but while I am searching the web for all the stuff I need I thought who better to ask then people that know what they are talking about! I will post a list of questions and if you can offer any info please feel free to do so 'cause at the moment I am sifting my way through waaaayyy too many websites that seem to say they can offer the 'Coachella Experience'

>When do the tickets become available (see attached Q below to understand why I have asked the obvious...)

If you are overseas is there a different way to order tickets? or are they available at the same time as they are for everyone else?

>We are coming over to Cali a few days before the festival so can you think of any good hotels that are affordable and will put us (me and a friend) for the whole time? (we are travelling on 5th April will be over 'til 15th).

>Any other advice you can offer?

I am sorry if this post makes me seem like a bit of a muppet but I am used to how it all works in my native UK, its all a bit different in another country

Cheers in advance dudes xo