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One day voting process is better than two. I personally think that having the commissioner approve all trades is the way to go - only putting it to a vote if something seems fishy. Since the responsibility would fall on you I certainly understand if you have a different opinion.

For example, say I wish to trade Ray Rice for Lasean McCoy - one top five pick for another. In my opinion, no other member of the league should have a say in whether or not that trade happens. Not wanting one your rivals to improve their team is not a valid reason for voting down a trade, yet that is the #1 reason why most people choose to do so. If we keep a voting policy for all trades it would be nice if everyone kept that in mind. It's not the league's job to ensure that every trade is fair and balanced, it's simply to ensure that there is no collusion between owners and that nobody is cheating.
I'm happy with $30 buy in and having Fourthisto approve trades. He did a bang up job last year and I trust his FF acumen.