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If "becomes popular" means "the bosses are making a deliberate attempt to cash in on pop-EDM" then yes, I am a whiny baby
The most interesting part of this angle is that Coachella has always targeted the most popular electronic artists of the given era. You had artists like Oakenfold, Fatboy Slim and Moby on the lineup in the early years. In the mid 2000's it was Daft Punk, PVD, Tiesto, etc. Since then the more popular acts are the likes of SHM, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and the wave of dubstep that has flooded the music market.

I am in no way defending the music, but you act as if Coachella has altered their formula completely. They really haven't. It's just that pop-EDM is what happens to be what the younger crowd desires.Fortunately, if EDM is the only thing you go for, you guys have DEMF, dB, EDC, Ultra and many other festivals available to you.

I get your sentiment, Trick, but I have a different point of view than yourself. A sub-par to poor EDM lineup isn't going to keep me away if the rest of the lineup is good.