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    There was a vendor at Weekend 2 (And i'm sure the other) that had live screen printing and some past years available in screen prints. There was an extra large print that sold out before I could get one on Sunday night, I think it was for 2012 and did not have a line up on it.

    Is there any information about the art that was sold at the vendors, or where I could try to find this print? The gentleman working there said they would be available online but i've been looking and have had no luck.

    Thanks guys!

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    This is the print i'm referring to in this photo:

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    Thats the dude that was doing the live printing, but im looking for a poster that was just available in the boutique. (In the photo)

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    I just got my pinwheel print back from the framer recently.

    The print is by Kii Arens.

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    Cool, thanks for that.

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