this was my first primavera, and i find it really funny to hear that people find this better than coachella.
at every corner you can see how influenced they are by coachella (and in part by sxsw).
line up - yes it was brilliant, and yes better than coachella this year (Fiona cancelling made it not that brilliant in the end)
but i always find it wrong when the best thing at a festival is the music (no matter how stupid this may sound)
primavera to me seemed really soul-less, crowd was really really bad
i never witness such brilliant shows with so little crowd enthusiasm
unfortunately its because 90% of primavera line up is great reunions that attract boring 30+ crowds (like myself) that watch the show trying to keep it cool
and everyone EVERYONE fuckin talks during the sets, Neurosis are just murdering my face and vagina, and some old spanish dudes are just talking randomly in 7th row about some everyday issuses, jesus fuckin christ

festival needs kids, people into current music, it needs screaming, loudness and acting stupid, festivals need passion

here there were tons of brits that were loud only during blur

also this location compared to coachella - c'mon ??

i know its cool hatin on coachella cause it got too big, and yes i hated this years line up, but i will always travel across half the world to witness it, rather than go to primavera, even though i am european i can go to barcelona in a heartbeat

and i understand it will always be easier for US fest to get that big and cool, cause of a massive market and all, and i feel for primavera organizers cause i think in spain noone cares for most of the line up, i personally think they dont sell more than 45-50% of all tickets in spain...if it werent for brits and international people, it would be really really hard for them to keep the fest going

but yes, i give them an A for trying, brilliant line up, well done guys... but location, crowd, on location details and organization etc...