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Thread: Transformational Festivals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goatchella View Post
    I used to have the impression that all these people thinking like this have just lost it and took too much. I used to think that the art they were making and the visions they were having were only obtainable through drugs.

    Have you met and spoke with a guru? Have you spent time talking with elders that have had these feelings, tried both ways? Have you ever had a spiritual breakthrough by meditating or clearing your mind enough to understand something and view it from a perspective that you never had before?

    Have you ever cleansed your body and been so real and so on point with your exposure to harmful, negative things that you felt like you were on drugs?
    That is exactly what my impression was of those people. But I didn't necessarily view that as a negative thing. I believe in letting people live their lives the way that they want to, and try to be very open minded about all cultures and beliefs. I have never spoken with a guru, or tried any of the things that you mentioned above. But I am interested in learning more. I'm always look for new ways to expand my thinking and to improve as a human being.

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    This thread has been very entertaining to read while Im at work... I think that it really comes down to your perspective of the human existence. Mainstream, underground, sustainable, commercial, whatever-the-fuck-you-think-it-is bullshit. It doesnt matter what it is, or what you think it is. It only matters if you have somehow gained personal knowledge and growth(good or bad) from the exposure. When I go to any festival, whether it be 1000 or 100,000 people, I always try to look for exposure to new ways of thinking, surviving, existing, etc. With Coachella, it has hit the mainstream media so hard that at this point that you forget the true nature behind the experience, with most people attending for the glory. Fuck that. Im voyaging out to the desert to have a spiritualized 3 days of dancing, exploring, and to gain as many different view-points as possible. Metaphorically (from a collegiate standpoint), the mind is like a library and perspectives the books; If its not open, and you have no information to site, your gonna have a pretty shitty paper. Maybe that was a little too much haha, but whatever. My point is that people use festivals like these as tools for growth, doesnt matter if its coachella or symb or whatever. If your there and part of the experience, you should find a way to stretch your mental/humanistic capacity to the fullest. This is how I try to have a good time where ever I go.

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    Enlightenment for the low price of $79-$169. VIP comes with a higher level of enlightened toilets and bar area. Break free.

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    at first i thought this said transformers festival, now i am slightly dissapointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubesock Shakur View Post
    Enlightenment for the low price of $79-$169. VIP comes with a higher level of enlightened toilets and bar area. Break free.
    Limited seating available for those who are truly enlightened, come early!

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    But a job and money are manufactured wants! I guess I just have to be born wealthy in order to be enlightened.
    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to not give a fuck again.

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