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closest thing to the truth coachella poster.jpg
The lineup here is a lot more realistic than most. That said:

If the Replacements played they would not be 4th line. Similarly Liars would not be second to last line. The Stone Roses seem too high. Same with Fatboy Slim but maybe I am wrong about that.

Can't believe the Knife are playing; if they were I'd figure they'd be the front of the second line not the end. Yo La Tengo are too low. I find it surprising that Nick Cave would be third line but he wouldn't be placed above any of your 2nd line artists... which tells me that this is too top heavy.

Gary Clarke Jr seems high. Rocket from the Crypt seems low. I find Armin van Buuren and How to Destroy Angels on the second line to be strange but am not sure.

The worst, though, is that I know almost all of these artists. That is to say there are far too many known/popular commodities here. That's the big problem with one person making up a fake poster.

So to fix this/make it more realistic cut off maybe a third of the artists on the top three lines, say ten to twelve. Then move the others up and add in 12-20 artists you don't know.