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Thread: theklein25 reviews albums

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    Default Re: theklein25 reviews albums

    If you can fit them into your queue

    DMX - It's Dark and Hell is Hot
    William Onyeabor - Who is William Onyeabor?


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    Thursday - Full Collapse

    Understanding in a Car Crash shows that this album is going to be a hardcore emo album with strong guitar playing and passion in the vocals from Geoff Rickly. This song has a certain darkness to it and it has a cool vibe. Concealer is loud, has good screaming and the strokes of the guitar rip your heart apart. Autobiography of a Nation is where Geoff Rickley really hits the high notes. These people of Thursday need to calm down a little and have some s'mores. A Hole in the World is a stronger song by the band where it just seems to work. This song contains a good outro with some piano thrown in there, which always earns a band bonus points, and a strong guitar riff covered with scary yelling. Cross Out the Eyes sounds like one of their bigger hits with the power chords and other guitar working simultaneously. They yell that word "Eyes" with vain. Wind-Up This feels like the final big song on this album with drum beats that'll bend steel and energy to power light bulbs without plugging them in. Full Collapse is an album to respect by the band Thursday.


    Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You

    Tie Her Down is an upbeat start with a bounce of the wall feel. Chainsaw is a cool word so it sparks my interest in those lyrics. Lady in a Blue Dress has a good feel to it. It's sounds emo enough to work and attract a large audience at Warped Tour. Buried a Lie sounds to generic. This is like plain bubblegum, good enough to chew but gets kinda dull after a couple minutes. Bite to Break Skin finally sounds like the first real good song. Everything else before was just average, and finally this song is like that hot chick you've been looking for all night. The only catch is she's a mom. That's how I feel about this song. Its got all the fundamental elements to be a good alternative song. Rum Is for Drinking, Not for Burning keeps this new fast energy going. Let it Enfold You is a poppy screamo song. Feels like their worship song and there's just too much yelling like they're about to rape some chick. Senses Fail is an ok band that idolized the wrong bands.


    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades starts off with some bouncy bass, and then goes from intense buildup to turning into the most explosive song with riffs then send you into the sun. Throughout history bands that have 2 singers make awesome music. Brand New is no different showing how these 2 guys work together. Okay I Believe You, but My Tommy Gun Don't starts off with a lot of anticipation and goes into such a unique guitar song. The main chorus is so slick and the lyrics show the genius of the band. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows has one of the greatest opening guitar riffs I've ever heard. The song makes you feel like you're going on an awesome road trip. The music is very much alive and feels like it's traveling around your body The transtions are done so perfectly from verse to verse. Lacey is on fire and they destroy all other underground emo bands with these vocals. Jaws Theme Swimming is a very calm song compared to a lot of these other songs. It's a good song to go kayaking to. This album shows so much maturity by Brand New. Guernica is back to the heavy stuff. The song is one of their finest starting off with really fast calm rock and then transitioning to some hardcore moshing music. Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die is one of the best songs the band has ever created. It starts off so depressing and so different than anything on Your Favorite Weapon This song is 7 minutes long but feels like 3. Some of the best guitar playing and singing found here. It's Stairway to Heaven like with riffs that make you feel lie this is the end of your life. This is the direction Brand New needed to head to be a respectable artist.


    Saves the Day - Stay What You Are

    Saves the Day opens with At Your Funeral which kicks off this album with a song that gets things going. There's power chords and they got the whole pop punk thing going. The band is trying to make a statement with some attitude. Certain Tragedy sounds good because it has some good fluidity. Not really digging the vocals that much as it almost sounds a little fake. Freakish is not that great of a song. It's vocals are pretty weak, the way "Show me out" is just atrocious. It wouldn't kill them to play a little faster and have the guitar and drum compliment each other. Nightingale is so bland as well. I feel like I'm waiting in line for ice cream because I'm hoping there's something sweet left on the album. This singer will haunt my dream. I'm not liking Chris Conley's voice at all because it's very generic and slightly boring With every song I hope to find improvement in the band but it doesn't happen. At least Firefly has some good energy to end the album and better vocals but it's too late. They're a poor man's New found Glory. The energy is less than that found in a high school band at a talent show.


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    theklein needs to review every Kraftwerk album, or at least, from Autobahn to Tour de France Soundtracks.
    Coachellas attended: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 (W1), 2013 (W1)

    Quote Originally Posted by captncrzy View Post
    Theme night listing:

    Thursday Night: Woo, my parents let me out of the house!
    Friday Night: Woo, my parents let me out of the house!
    Saturday Night: Woo, my parents let me out of the house!
    Sunday Night: Boo, I have to go back to my parent's house!
    Quote Originally Posted by Drinkey McDrinkerstein View Post
    The level of sheer laziness and pure speculation and confusion about very easily found and well-known things that this board has gotten to is truly confounding.

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    Lol poor mans new food glory , a new low.
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    Default Re: theklein25 reviews albums

    OOF no love for Stay What You Are?

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    My vacation time didn't happen so I lost a chance to review those albums for now but I did have time to do this. These were the Coachella sets I caught and my brief reflection on them.
    Coachella April 11
    Gabba Gabba Heys - Awesome Ramones tribute band. They kicked ass Thursday night and then again Friday at noon B
    Waxahatchee - Cool band but the heavy guitar riffs with the chicks soft voice was confusing at times. Wasn't feeling it. C
    Austra - The set started off good, but then I fell asleep against the sound board and woke up for the last 2 songs which were cool. Chatted with Tallguy Chris afterwords ?
    Ms Mr - Thought they were just a boring band on record, but there was nothing else on and I ended up thinking their set was awesome with lots of energy and the lead chick was happy and kinda atrractive. B
    Grouplove - I was surrounded by lots of high schoolers, they covered Beyonce, but for my 3rd time seeing them they were great as usual. B
    AFI - After all the high schoolers left, I got to the rail and had a blast. Davey Havok does a lot more than just sing. He looks so angry when he's going all out out singing, while the guitar player is twirling his guitar around making it look so simple.It's also memorable when Davey uses your hand to pull himself up on top of the crowd.A
    Afghan Whigs/Ellie Goulding - Afghan Whigs sounded good but I guess I messed up by not being familiar with the new album, so I went over to Ellie Goulding where she sung? the 3 songs I liked in a row. She also was the hottest chick I saw on any stage the whole weekend.
    Broken Bells - Broken Bells were phenomenal live and had an awesome setlist. After the Disco and Mongrel Heart were the highlight tracks. Also saw Jared Leto and Tony Hawk enjoying the tunes too. A
    The Replacements - One of my most anticipated sets lived up to the hype. They were funny and sounded awesome. My only complaint was the end of the set where they called it quits 10 minutes early and didn't seem very organized. B
    The Cult - Second time seeing them and definitely my last. They were awful all around and put in very little effort to be entertaining. I've caught better live music at talent shows. I regret not just sticking around for The Knife. F
    Anti-Flag - Have no regrets watching them over Outkast. Chris#2 really fired up the crowd despite it being a long day. They formed the largest circle pit in Coachella history. The drummer also moved his drum set into the crowd to play the final song which was cool. B

    Coachella April 12
    Saints of Valory - It was like watching a hybrid of Incubus and Imagine Dragons. I really think they're the next big thing. A
    Bear Hands - Their music was pretty dancy and entertaining enough to watch the whole set. I got distracted by all the nice asses though when I was sitting by the soundboard. C
    Unlocking the Truth (10 min) - Had I watched the whole thing I'd give them an A for sure. The last couple songs were awesome and those kicked ass.
    Drowners - Watched them without ever listening to them before. Pretty solid stuff and had good energy. C
    White Lies - White Lies played the set I was hoping to hear for my first time seeing them. I only missed most of one song due to the board meetup, but they are really good live. B
    Cage the Elephant - They're a band that I'm just waiting to see a meltdown occur. However, their set was very killer and a lot better than I expected. Matt gets the crowd into it and puts in a lot of energy. A
    Chvrches - Sounded absolutely perfect. I'm in love with Lauren Mayberry's voice. A
    Julian Casablancas - Very disappointing set. I knew they were going to perform mostly new songs. This felt more like a practice session with that terrible sound. And I didn't get to hear 11th Dimension. D
    Kid Cudi - I got to hear the Project X song and Memories so that was cool. He was way better than I'd ever expect. B
    MGMT - I was very excited to see MGMT get put on the Main Stage before Foster the People. I expected them to be average, but they were far from it. Time to Pretend was beautiful. Kids was flawless. Loved the visuals, especially the lobster man. A
    Foster the People - Had just seen them on Tuesday perform the best show I'd seen all year. They had some cool visuals added to their Coachella set and ice mountains. Staring at the moon while hearing a Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon was cool. They played Don't Stop despite running out of time. They are something else when it comes to live performances. A
    Queens of the Stone Age - First time seeing them and it was everything I was hoping it'd be. Josh Homme sounded great and the music sounded so smooth. Very rowdy crowd up front and I refused to let people push their way in front of me. This was my set of Coachella 2014. A
    Muse - It started off really good with Stockholm Syndrome and those visuals. The characters that came out during that song and Animals added some excitement. I was up front the previous 4 hours and could tell right away something was off with the sound. They were still really loud but Bellamy's vocals were just not there. Still had a fun time despite all this and an ok setlist. B

    Coachella April 13
    Surfer Blood - They were pretty fun live, but I was a couple songs late and missed Weird Shapes if that was even performed. Good time. B
    Poolside - I didn't get it. C
    Classixx (partial) - Another set I wasn't feeling so I left. There were too many bros that made me uncomfortable.
    The 1975 - Already reviewed their album so you should expect a below average score. They didn't play Sex. Chocolate was very underwhelming too. C
    The Naked and Famous - They were so boring at the SB Bowl. However, I liked the new album so I wanted to give them a second chance. Best decision I made on Sunday. They really destroyed it up there. Such good sounding bass and electronic things. Way better vocals to from the chick. Powers was always good. A
    Calvin Harris - I don't do raves or live EDM. In my opinion Calvin Harris was awesome up there. There was fire, confetti, lots of lights and other cool things. A
    Beck - Not boring at all. Great set. He may have been at his best. Debra was cool. Lots of energy A
    Disclosure (partial) - They're overrated
    Arcade Fire - They are just really really good live. There was some alien crystal man that was distracting. The Blondie thing was cool and couldnt have come at a better time since that band is hot again right now. The Wake Up ending was a little corny but oh well. A

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    Default Re: theklein25 reviews albums

    DMX - It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
    DMX brings the beats in the Intro. Ruff Ryders Anthem brings the thunder with his words and men to back him up. The beat is pretty simple, but for some reason he finds a way to make it catchy for a lot of people. And then people get shot up at the end. Look Thru My Eyes has that piano driving this song throughout. It's got some weird chanting throughout as if someone is praying. DMX has a voice that is very irritating. The song tries to show off this guy's range as a rapper I suppose, but it's more of a weaker song with a guy barking like a dog. X-Is Coming takes samples of laboratory experiments layered with the rapper threatening people, ready to fuck headless chicks and rape others. Pussy, ass, and weed explains How's It Going Down. Stop Being Greedy is best described as something you might hear in a haunted mansion combined with the DMX dog barking trademark and awful voice. Phil Collins is sampled in I Can Feel It and that's as bad as you can imagine. DMX is a rapper I'd be happy to never hear about again.


    Vanilla Ice - To the Extreme
    Ice Ice Baby takes the beat that Queen and David Bowie created and expands it into a whole new dimension. As Vanilla Ice says, that bass does kick in and throughout this tune it flows on point with the rhymes Ice drops. So many words are being spilled out that it's hard to keep up with his talent. Just when you think the song is over, he finds a way to sneak that catchy chorus in there one last time. However, Vanilla Ice reminds us how hard it is to be white sometimes. This is the Smells Like Teen Spirit of Rap music bringing the genre back into relevancy. Hooked is a shoutout to old school jazz and funk. The highlights of this song are the turntable, the brass, and the dirty diaper line because it's hard to tell if he's serious or making a parody. Ice is Workin It is that raw energy Kanye West stole for his latest record Yeezus. Play that Funky Music is a mess of a song that tarnishes the original version. With references to Mary Poppins and and white people this song should only be played when people are blacked out drunk. It's A Party should be found on the c-sides to a basketball pump up record. Funky bass and shouting cary this song with the sample tht I'm pretty sure that inspired Who Let the Dogs Out. Also got some Beastie Boys thrown in there. The rest of the album doesnt matter, but Vanilla Ice was the real deal until people realized that they were out of their minds.


    Top Gun (Kenny Loggins) - Danger Zone
    The opening vibes got a very funky new wave industrial vibe to it. The chorus is unleashed after 30 seconds. Kenny Loggins builds up the song a little bit more and a minute in we hit the chorus for the second time. By now the guitars are so in gear that the song is in full swing with tons of adrenaline. A guitar solo is launced with the rhythm guitar louder than ever, bringing that Black Sabbath vibe. The build up to the chorus comes once more and by now you feel like a rockstar like Maverick ready to sing to that chorus shouting Danger Zone! This is the strongest chorus in the song because Loggins adds a little heat in there singing at the top of his lungs. And then the song once more falls back into the chorus repeating for the rest of the track. Guitars are flying everywhere. The keyboards are bringing the cheese and the bass keeps the funk going. I like this song because it makes you feel like a pilot and never fails to put images of Top Gun in your head.


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    Chris de Burgh - Into the Light
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    Hey here's an idea. You know those people who are desperately poor, down on their luck, uneducated, abused, and generally ill-equipped for life? Let's make fun of them.

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