im from australia and am currently planning going round the world next year with my first stop hopeing to head to the U.S to tame coachella in 2013. i missed out on presale tickets as i was unaware it was happening so shortly after the festival this year so i have been doing some research and looking into various ways as to i would be able to garantee tickets, ive followed links off the official website (www.coachella.com) and have found myself following the links to valleymusictravel.com and am wondering if anyone knows to ensure that booking a hotel package with these guys through this site http://valleymusictravel.com/coachel...3_weekend1.php would ensure that i get tickets for coachella 2013 aswell as accomodation and shuttle transfers to and from the event from friday the 12th - sunday 14th april 2013. if this is the case i will be looking to book these ASAP so i can also look at getting flights from australia direct to the US for around that time, if anyone is able to provide me with any extra information it would be muchly appreciated as i obviously cant book accomodation or flights for that matter to arrange to organise anything else until i know booking one of these packages would have everything sorted for me so all id have to do is turn up to the hotel i choose to book on the day collect my tickets and begin arguably what i believe will be 3 of the best days of my life!! thanks for taking the time to read my post, hope someone can help me out!