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Thread: Elvis Presley Hologram Coming

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    Default Elvis Presley Hologram Coming

    no not cuming....

    The same company that did Tupac is working on Elvis now.

    I'm thinking the Doors, Hendrix, and Bob Marley are the next 3 coming (not in any order)

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    Default Re: Elvis Presley Hologram Coming

    Early, thin, black leather Elvis, or later, fat, white jumpsuit Elvis?

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    Default Re: Elvis Presley Hologram Coming

    I want to see him morph on stage from skinny hips banned from TV Elvis to fat Vegas Elvis while progressively playing his songs in chronological order.
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    Supre doesnt know since he's usually in the bathroom going away at the glory hole. Noms Nom nom noms oooooo i'm taking a picture of that beast....****snap*** back to yum yums nom nom noms

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