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Thread: General info for a Brit :)

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    Default General info for a Brit :)

    Hey all
    Me & my friend are looking at flying from London but before we get tickets would just like a bit more info.........................
    Can you get into the festival the day before it starts to set up etc? I know at Festivals in the UK you can assuming it will be the same here?
    Also we would probably fly to LAX can anybody advise/recomend the best way to get to the festival from there? Is there like a coach available or something?
    Thanks Guys, SJ

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    Default Re: General info for a Brit :)

    You can get into the campgrounds on Thursday mid-day.

    To get from LAX, I would just rent a car or find someone to carpool with. There are usually people willing to carpool with you in the carpool section. There is a Greyhound (coach) you can take. Might just be cheaper to rent a car though.
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    Default Re: General info for a Brit :)

    how much do you <3 usa?
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    Default Re: General info for a Brit :)

    Also - dont have your departing flight depart on Monday (at least not until 8pm or later) if you're leaving from LAX - you don't want to miss your flight due to Monday AM traffic on the 10, nor should you cheapen your festival experience by leaving early Sunday evening.

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    Default Re: General info for a Brit :)

    Before you get tickets....Good luck with that.
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