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Thread: David Bowie 2013 Dream Setlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowMotionApocalypse View Post
    It's No Game
    Up The Hill Backwards
    Speed Of Life
    What In The WOrld
    You've Been Around
    Dead Against It
    Slow Burn
    Time Will Crawl
    It's Gonna Be Me
    Shining Star (Makin' My Love)
    Modern Love
    Cat People
    Because You're Young
    Beauty And The Beast
    The Secret Life Of Arabia
    The Bewlay Brothers
    Width Of A Circle
    Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family
    OK he can do these songs because I have never seen them before but include some hits for all the hipsters who claim to love Bowie but don't actually know any of these songs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lehorne View Post
    In a festival environment ‘Heroes’ would be the only real mandatory song for the set (side note: I really dislike when the bar jukebox kicks in the single version of it. The one that starts with “dolphins can swim”. Just feels foreign, like they’re starting the song midway or something and can’t get into it properly). ‘All the Young Dudes’ also would lend itself quite well to a festival (“you in the back, I see you dudes.” Arm waving. Singalong getting your dick sucked by a dude).

    and you guys have some shitty choices btw. Still think 'John' would be a quality opener to get a hardcore Bowie crowd going. The shimy sham acoustic intro, lyrical alluding to dancing which helps get people uninhibited with their own dancing, all the tail end frisky yelping building the sex theme of the show. You'd want a hell of an electric guitarist though.
    He did it the first few shows of the Sound And Vision tour then dropped it. Because it sounded like shit. He actually doesn't really have the voice for any of the really early stuff. And who knows what he really sounds like now.
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    In a recent interview Dave Wakeling was asked why he started playing again and he said that he was called out in front of group of his people by Elvis Costello who said something like, "Fuck all this other stuff you are doing, you belong out there on the stage!".

    I think Elvis Costello needs to talk to Bowie.

    It's great all this other stuff Bowie is doing like releasing albums he never intends play, doing art, etc. but he really belongs on the stage!!!!

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