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    Default Fletch Fest 2012

    ~~~NEW RIDERS of the PURPLE SAGE!!!~~~

    ***Support Your Local Musicians***

    We are pleased to announce that NRPS will be joining us at Fletch Fest 2012. --------------------They will be closing out the weekend on Sunday Aug. 19th.

    This event gets more exciting every day!
    We hope everyone will be able to come and kick this festival off with a bang!

    *3 Stages*

    Filled to the brim with live acts from all parts of Central NY. Fletch Fest 2012 will be hosted by SLUG with special guest Lindsay Dombeck, and they will be proudly featuring the legendary New Riders of the Purple Sage. Our mission is to support local music and give the audience a chance to discover 'their new favorite band'. NRPS has been great enough to join us in our festivities and will be delivering to us one explosive finale. You'll have to come to the show to see what else we got up our sleeves. (~);}We will be on the hunt for more undiscovered talent for your listening pleasure, for many Fletch Fests to come so we hope everyone will stick around and enjoy the show.

    We have a special guest this year. Sundance Film Festival Nominee, Chic Shapiro, will be filming a documentary on this momentous event. Come be spotted in this memorable film!

    $50 Pre-Sale 3 Day Pass Tickets Now Available!!!
    Kids 5 & under Free!!! Kids 6-12 $20!!!

    Interested Local Acts...Please sign up for the Open Jam Contest on the website for a chance at a spot at Fletch Fest 2013!!!

    Please visit to check out the line-up and purchase your tickets. Show your support for your favorite local acts and welcome NRPS to the festival that puts a new twist on an old scene~~~;}

    Someone told me to check this out! Great time last year and it looks even better this year.

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    Default Re: Fletch Fest 2012

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    Default Re: Fletch Fest 2012

    ^ Bwahaha, I was thinking the same thing!
    Quote Originally Posted by roberto73 View Post
    I'd contribute to this discussion but I'm still busy reminiscing about the halcyon days of punk. You know, the mid-90s.
    Quote Originally Posted by getbetter View Post
    poor spook poop

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