This is where I post photographs that I did not take, but wish I took.

As a sometimes professional concert photographer, I find it especially interesting to see the way that other people choose to document their Coachella experience. Poring over the thousands upon thousands of photos that get posted after the event is always one of my favorite parts of the post-festival period. In this thread, I am going to post a few of my favorites. I invite you to join and post your own picks if you see a photo out there that you feel does a particularly excellent job of capturing the moment. PLEASE DO NOT POST PHOTOS THAT YOU TOOK. This thread is about celebrating the terrific photography work that other people are doing. There are other threads for posting your own photos, such as this one.

Please fully credit the photographer and source for all work so we can give these folks their due.

And, for archival purposes, this is the 2011 thread.