Art Basel week over the past few years, has become more than just about the art. Music has played a significant role, and some even went so far to call it a mini SXSW. Last year, there were a plethora of concerts all over town, and this year will be no different. Ultra Music Festival co-founder will debut a new festival during Basel called UR1 Festival. UR1 stands for Your Generation Music Festival, and plans on uniting all genres of music. The festival will take place December 8-9th in Miami.

“It is time the bar was raised. We are not putting up a stage for fans to stare at, UR1 will be a 4D experience,” said Omes, who also co-founded Ultra Music Festival, in a statement. “We have some of the most creative musicians and artists in the world participating and have given them carte blanche so come up with their “dream” performance.”