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Thread: No Camping Help!!

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    See avatar.
    Quote Originally Posted by involvelemons View Post
    Silent discos are like having sex with a virgin: really exciting in theory, extremely awkward in execution.
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    I bet Cara's gotten enough Twats on a Platter and Dick on a Stick to open her own Trolls to Go snack shop.

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    Default Re: No Camping Help!!

    I didn't know you worked for them sorry. Thanks for the information I'll let my cousin know as well.
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    Wouldn't it be hilarious if Daft Punk were to play, but at the end, they take of their helmets and it was Justice all along? And they're all like "We are Juusteeeece!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychic friend View Post
    I work here, I sit 25 feet from the Ticketing manager.
    Are you sure? My cousin said you work 30 feet from the Ticketing manager.
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    ok well i was just estimating the distance. lol
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    Default Re: No Camping Help!!

    You don't want tent camping anyways. That is where they keep the loons.
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