I can't believe I'm actually wishing for TicketDisaster to eventually take over the Coachella ticket sales.

Why do I think Front Gate is a complete joke and a terrible solution to sell tickets for this very large and famous music festival? Let me count the ways...

1) Ticket purchasing isn't first-come-first-serve, but they pretend it is. I opened up three browsers to get on standby to purchase tickets. Browser #1 was opened right away, Browser #2 shortly thereafter, and Browser #3 about 10 minutes later. Guess which one got through? Yup, Browser #3. The other two browsers never made it through to purchase Week 1. Others reported similar experiences (people not getting through after an hour, but friends getting through after 10 minutes at the same time). Obviously they were either randomly picking people off the standby line, or their first-come-first-serve algorithm was messed up big-time.

2) There was a bug that allowed you to keep purchasing tickets once you got through. After I got my tickets, it plopped me right back at the purchase page (while my other browsers were still waiting on standby!) Others reported the same experience. One of my buddies told me that he actually purchased additional tickets this way.

3) Their "you are not likely to get through to buy tickets" message was bullshit. Well, at least it was for some. Most people who actually bought tickets got this disheartening message while waiting. Why even demoralize people like this (and make them give up) if it's not true?

4) There were bugs in the purchase page that sometimes kicked you right back to standby. This happened to me once, and I just managed to buy my tickets for week 1 like a minute before they sold out.

Time to dump this incompetent company full of Austin hippies and get a ticket provider that can handle the rush to buy tickets for this event.