Most of these are damn near impossible, but I guess thats why it's called a wishlist:

Blur - To see the original lineup play would be awesome, since they haven't played in the United States since Graham rejoined the band.
Talking Heads - The entire band isn't on good terms with David Byrne, but who knows.
The Smiths - Now this one is damn near impossible, since Morrissey said he would prefer eating his balls than play with the Smiths again.
TV on the Radio - Haven't played for a few years, and their popularity has definitely increased since then.
Fleet Foxes - haven't played since Helplessness Blues came out
Fugazi - They've been offered plenty of times, maybe this will be the year they say yes.
Animal Collective - Their new album is expected this year, so this is pretty likely
MGMT - Same as Animal Collective they plan to have a new album come out this year.
Jack White - Almost certain he will play, after the success of Blunderbuss
Descendents - 2012 was awesome because of all the punk bands Goldenvoice booked. I would love to see them do the same for 2013