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    Any other fans on the board? I found out about them by accident and have been loving them the last year+. They are based in France. They combine DJs with live instruments and rappers/singers to form a really unique sound. They seem like a perfect fit for Coachella or even Bonnaroo latenight. Just not sure why they haven't caught on in the states yet. Saw them last month in Lille France and they killed it. They have a really energized live show and their live set reminds me of Ozomatli with their energy and Thievery Corp. with their influx of different guests/styles throughout the show. They headlined in Paris over Method Man and they drew a huge crowd, which leaves me even more dumbfounded as to why they are not more popular here.

    Hoping they do a US Tour sometime soon...

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    My buddy is cyph4, one of the rappers that works with them. He was on your with them in France last October. A great bunch of guys and are really talented. Would love to see them come to the states.
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